Het-Groene-Huis: adviesbureau & reclamebureau
We take care of your business growth

You want to generate a bigger turnover with your company and attract more customers? You're a fresh start-up for a new company or you' re involved in your company for quit some time, but you cannot seem to get it lifted as you would want it to be?

Het-Groene-Huis [HGH] gives your company the boost it needs. We bring the right message to your customer through the most fitted media channel for your target group. 

Our advice is golden. We listen to your story, we look at your status today and we start working on the immediate growth of your company. This is done by different means & measures:

Administration - Marketing - Events & Organisation - Websites & Webshops  - SEO & SEA

We help you with the full demand and payment of your subsidy files in growing and extending your company. 

HGH keeps you updated  -  GDPR

We also put you into contact with the right immo and brokers in Spain & Greece. 

Het-Groene-Huis does not only take from nature, we also give in return. Per invoice we plant a tree together with Natuurpunt Belgium. We planted together with 3 other partners 3 ha forest in Deinze in 2017.   

You go further, where every body else stops.... that's what makes you THAT entrepreneur. 


You' re in need of admin support. 

You have to much paperwork going on and no time to do it yourself. 

You' re temporarily short of hands and you need someone to back you up for a couple of hours per day, week, month? 

This is what we do for you:

*quotes, invocies, payments & reminders, in casso

*automatisation systems and flows (it will save you the most of time)


*updating catalogues, pricelists, xl-files, ...






You want to uplift you 're company's image, be professional. 

You want a better turnover and attract more customers. 

We listen to your story and we set up a business plan for you.  

This is what we do for you:

*Project Managment (temporarily replacement or support)

*Set up Marketing Plan

*Branding & Rebranding

*Restructuring your organisation - integration workflows

*Concept  - Content providing - Ghost writing

*Any form of advertising: online (digit):    SEO - SEA - Mailings - Social Media - E-commerce

*Any form of advertising offline (print):    Facing, brochures, stickers, stationary, logo, ,... 

*Carprinting & Carwrapping

*Set up promotions & campaigns

*Retail, B2C, B2B



Events & Organisation 

You want to set up an event that will never be forgotten? You want your guests to have an experience they never had before. From the first moment they arrive.... till the time they don't want to go home.....

This is what we do for you:

*concept inovating and excecution from A to Z

*organisation of your company events 

*organisation of whatever party, familygathering, opening you have in mind

GIve us a white paper and a budget ... the outcome will be an unforgettable excperience....

*event coaching your employees to make your company' s events the most remarkable and inspiring in your business - long term

You' re in need of some talent in organisation  for a company movement or to set up the right flow in remodeling your offices, company or shop? 

You want everything to proceed fluently. Company rebuilding, rebranding, .... 

This is where HGH comes up. 



Websites & Webshops

A website or webshop is your company's DNA. We make sure that DNA is well implemented and hits your (potential) customer in the right way. Het-Groene-Huis has set up a unique CMS in which all technicalities and google needs are gathered. More than that, your website can easily be modified by yourself or your employees. It is set up in a continuous life cycle upgrade system... that means you will never have an outdated website again. Every year, withing your hosting the new elements are uploaded. 



73% of your website visitors come to you through Google or other search engines. Your website should therefor score in the highest possible level in the Google ranking. Key words, longtail, locations, usp,.... it has to be all there. Het-Groene-Huis is Google Adwords Certified for all your adword advertising. Reporting, evaluation, action.   

This is what we do for you:

*Take over your website from your current buro and make the necessary adjustments

*Set up a complete new website with respect to how your customer looks at it, and therefor increase your hit-rate to a maximum. 

*Handling to the full your SEO and SEA - traffic generation to your site




A lot of our customers are not aware of the fact that they are entitled to receiving a subsidy. Sometimes even more than one. Depends on what your goals and aims are. 

And others even don 't have or take the time to go through the complete, long and difficult procedure to get the subsidy. No time... a pity for money that will help to expand your business.

This is what we do for you:

*For our customer it is simple: we look at your goals and aims and we hand in the files needed to receive the subsidy. 

*Be aware that it is a procedure that needs to be carried out in a very strict way in which timing is crucial. 



Spain & Greece

Everybody has that dream... Spain, Greece... leave belgium and go live in the land of the sun. But sometimes that dream can turn into a complete nightmare... If you come into contact with the wrong person. And this happens way to often.

This is what we do for you:

*We guarantee reliable brokers and immo in Spain, Fuerteventura, Cyprus and Greece

*We guarantee reliable lawyers and attorneys to complete your files in a correct and strict way

*We look for the right property for you, untill you have found exactly what you were looking for. This can be as well for investing, for living as for working

*We give you the best (legal) tips and information - what to do, what not do do

*We help you further in Spain, Fuerteventura, Greece and Cyprus... with all your questions, even after sales.